Student Co-od: KISHORE C
Contact no : 9943211031


"Hungry for getting a grip over Hacking???Then you’re indeed at the right Place. Hacking isn’t a rocket science nor is it bad!! Anyone can learn it . The workshop is all about exploiting the internet and exciting demonstrations will be shown. The world around you gives very little opportunity to learn these skills as they are expensive, Eg. It costs 40,000 INR for just 20 hrs yet they let you explore the basics. Realizing its importance, we’ve stretched our limits to feed you with these “sophisticated” skills. The web is in your hands!! Start Debouncing! "


  • Entry fee Rs.500/each (including software kit)

EVENT CO-OD: Kishore
CONTACT-NO: 9943211031
EVENT CO-OD: Vignesh Ramkumar
CONTACT-NO: 9751012069

"Paper Presentation- knock your thoughts"

"You don’t know how revolutionary your thoughts are until you explore it in our kensho. Here we give opportunity for your powerful points more than your power points."


  • Submission of abstract (in a word document) for not more than 300 words before the due date.
  • The presentation should last a maximum of 10minutes.
  • The oral presentation should be in the form of Microsoft power point slides which contains the brief of your paper, not to exceed 21.
  • Maximum 2 members per team
  • Hard copy of the presentation should be submitted
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final
  • Send the abstract to

EVENT CO-OD: Sandeep
CONTACT-NO: 8122535991
CONTACT NO: 9003956763

"Project display- Innovatrons"

"In any project , the most important factor is to believe it will success . The best  way to predict the future is to create it. To fabricate your ideas into real world we provide a dais of enthusiasm to showcase the value of time spend by yourself that resulted into a product ."


  • Your abstract and notebook should be displayed with your project.
  • All electrical connectors, wiring, switches, extension cords, fuses. should be brought by the participants.
  • In need extra Junction box, (If more than one required )Should be bought by the participant
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final

EVENT CO-OD: Hari prasad.T
CONTACT NO: 9442714945

Quiz-Quizzly Bears

"Questions are more important than answer. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for future. One who  ask non- stop questions in all these circumstances .Come to Kensho. Test your Knowledge."


  • Only team entries are eligible.
  • A team shall consist of max two persons.
  • The participants are not allowed to use mobile or other electronic gadgets.
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final"

EVENT CO-OD: Naga hari prasad
CONTACT NO: 9698641229

"Line follow robo- Line Seguidor."

The Line follower robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor. Generally, the path is predefined and can be visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted colour . This event comprises of two rounds.


  • The challenge of the competition is to make a robot that can move on black lines on a white background and reach the finish as soon as possible.
  • Each team comprises of maximum of three memeber
  • For further details refer the link:

EVENT CO-OD: Yuvaraj
CONTACT NO: 9578637466
CONTACT NO: 8300036321

"Brushless painting- Artisto"

"Participants came up with innovative ideas to paint and write meaningful messages with cotton buds, leaves, twigs, toothpicks, fork etc as they weren’t allowed to use brushes. There was a glittering splash of ideas and paints with brightness spreading on the sheets.The event was an innovative success with tough competition among the participants"


  • Board,paints and charts will be provided, other items must be brought by the participants.
  • Individual participant.
  • On spot topic.
  • Only limited colors will be provided (standard colors), If additional colours required should be brought by the participants
  • The participants are not allowed to use mobile or other electronic gadgets.
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final

EVENT CO-OD: Raj kumar
CONTACT NO: 8122192564
EVENT CO-OD: Prasanna kumar
CONTACT NO: 8760343047

"Automation Solution- Automate Things"

"The age of Automation is going to be “ massive do by and for all”. Bring your imagination to reality. To built a automated world"


  • Each team max 2 members.
  • Topic will be given on the spot
  • Simulation of the program is sufficient
  • Softwares provided: ABB Control Builder plus, CX-Programmer (You can bring any other automation softwares as you wish with your laptop)
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final"

EVENT CO-OD: Gokul Kumaran
CONTACT NO: 9487614459
EVENT CO-OD: Ajay Krishna
CONTACT NO: 9952490537

"Robo soccer- Metal foot"

A soccer robot is a specialized autonomous robot and mobile robot that is used to play variants of soccer,here is the gateway for rocking with soccer.


  • The robot must weigh max 10 kg(including the controls/wires) or less.
  • Remote Controlled or Manual (Wired Control).
  • Each team will have to defend the goal on its side as well as score the goal on the opposite side.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 5 team members.
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final
  • For further details refer the link:

EVENT CO-OD: Koushik preetham
CONTACT NO: 9524640546
EVENT CO-OD: suriya prakash
CONTACT NO: 9788328337"

Chain reaction- Domino Effect

Throw in the energy conversions you are aware of, as one continuous routine without physically engaging yourself at any stage and complete your task (your own idea) effectively.


  • Each team can have a maximum of 5-8 team members.
  • Required items must be brought by the participants.
  • NOTE: Judges decision is final
  • For further details refer the link:

CONTACT NO: 814870348
CONTACT NO: 9043147110